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28 May Brisbane WordPress SEO – First Step To SEO Your Site

What’s the first step in SEO? This may sound a little silly, especially if you live in a metropolis like Brisbane, but it’s getting yourself listed in the Google database.

 Yep. This simple step is often overlooked when you are trying to SEO your WordPress install. It’s true that Google spiders search the internet and more often than not detect new sites but may find it hard if they are not referenced anywhere. Directory sites (like TrueLocal) will sometime pick up your site but most of them scavenge Google to fill their pages. So you can either wait for the Google spider or…

Submit Your Site

Some hosting providers consider WordPress SEO when they offer packages and so present your site for submission to Google and other providers- for a fee. This is highway robbery of the digital age- reminiscent of the times when you had to pay Yahoo! to get your site “considered” for their “high and mighty” hierarchical site (ungh).

Search Engine Optimisation in WordPress, in Brisbane or otherwise, can be begun with simple steps and, as long as there is no competition, can be done easily by the user. The real challenge is when there IS competition or time is at a premium. Then you’d need our services in order to keep yourself competitive.

Because if there is even ONE other business that does what you do then your going to have to do more than the basics to stay on top!

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