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25 Aug My Mission

To get every business on the internet. SED (Search Engine Domination) seeks to help every business reach more potential customers through the internet. Many are considering the internet as a basic human right- no matter that over 3 decades ago was barely available outside Universities.   The yellow pages is dead – long live the […]

28 May Brisbane WordPress SEO – First Step To SEO Your Site

What’s the first step in SEO? This may sound a little silly, especially if you live in a metropolis like Brisbane, but it’s getting yourself listed in the Google database. ¬†Yep. This simple step is often overlooked when you are trying to SEO your WordPress install. It’s true that Google spiders search the internet and […]

10 May SEO on the run – Update!

I love Search Engine Optimisation (or Optimization for y’all Americans) and enjoy doing it every day but sometimes I simply don’t have time to devote to it as I’d like. Luckily there are a number of small/simple things you can do to improve your stats and it works on one of Google’s open secrets on […]